Move Onto Your Jars

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Move Onto Your Jars

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beaker glass bong

Speaking of glass, while your nug jars may not do much heavy lifting, they still deserve a little TLC if their insides are getting a little hazy. Find your nugs a temporary home (and remember to label which strain is which), then shake out the kief from the bottom of the jar to save for later. Scrub the jars in hot, soapy water or throw them in the dishwasher to clear out all that remaining resin, let them air dry, and then return your nugs to where they belong. It never hurts to swap out your moisture packs if they’ve been in there a while, either.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Grinder glass bong clearance

Since we’re on the subject of doing the heavy lifting, if your grinders just don’t have that smooth, gliding twist that they used to, grab a paper plate, a toothpick, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and some cotton swabs. Many people ask if it’s necessary to clean your grinder and the answer is a hard yes! Neglecting the sanitation of your grinder can lead to mold issues that just aren’t worth the risk. So, collect any loose cannabis/kief from your grinder and save that for later. Use the toothpick to scrape out whatever else you can, then put the plate aside and grab your swabs.

Unless the resin’s really caked on, a cotton swab dipped in the alcohol should be enough to scrub those teeth clean. For well used or neglected grinders, you may need to soak them completely in the rubbing alcohol. Ditto for the screen. You can even put some isopropyl alcohol into the main chamber, close up your grinder and shake it as well. When you’re finished rinsing off all the alcohol, don’t forget to leave the pieces separated and wait until they’ve completely air dried before putting them back together.